Kanye West Angry With The Billboard Awards

By now, many people have heard about the controversial Kanye West performance that took place in the 2015 Billboard music Awards. Kanye was introduced to the crowd by his sister-in-laws Kendall and Kylie Jenner. The young girls were booed heavily, and Kanye West must have felt something was wrong from the start. However, Kanye West decided to perform nonetheless, and right now, he’s wishing that he didn’t.

Facebook reports Kanye West’s performance has made headlines for a strange reason. The rapper debuted his new song ‘All Day’ and ‘Black Skinheads,’ but apparently, the production company of the Billboard Music Awards weren’t too fond of the songs. Kanye’s lyrics were heavily bleeped out. In fact, it was hard to understand what Kanye West was saying at all. Many people couldn’t even tell what song Kanye was singing.

After the Music Awards, Kanye West was extremely angry. He recently went on a tirade on social media, and he blasted the production company of the event. Kanye said that someone was out to sabotage him, and he felt that everything was done completely wrong. Kanye West also wanted to change the lighting and fireworks of the event, but for some reason, no one listened to him. The Kardashians and Kanye West are used to get everything their way, but the 2015 Billboard Music Awards did not go their way at all. Fans think that the Kardashians and Kanye West will never appear at the event again. For more information on this story, visit TMZ.

Performing Artist Feels That Jay-Z Used Her

Jay-Z put out a video called “Picasso Baby,” and it was spliced together from several different videos. Marina Ambramovic claims that she feels used by Jay-Z, and she didn’t get from him what he promised. Marina had showed Jay-Z a PowerPoint presentation of some of her work as she does performing arts. Jay-Z agreed to make a donation to her institution, but this never happened. Jay-Z. The whole concept of the PowerPoint video was used by Jay-Z in his video, but Jay-Z didn’t hold up his end of the bargain with Marina.

Marina feels that Jay-Z used her, and now she has yet to receive the donation he has promised her since 2013 according to Jaime Garcia Dias. It’s funny to hear a story like this because Jay-Z is super rich, and he can afford to donate to any cause he chooses. Marina feels like he used her art and took the credit, without giving her the donation that he promised. After Jay-Z’s people were contacted, they said that a donation was set up, but no nation never came through.

Marina now claims that she understands she was naïve, especially sharing so much information with a powerful man, who could do the work without her. Marina claims she would never do such a thing again in the future, and unfortunately she has a bad view of Jay-Z now. Maybe Jay-Z just forgot that he promised a donation, but either way, this story looks bad on his reputation.

Lil Wayne Helps Bieber Get His Swagger Back

Bieber messed up. Yes, there are fans that still love him, but there are a lot of people that saw his reckless behavior as unacceptable. Some people don’t even believe that he will be able to bounce back. There is so much hype around the new project though. It seems impossible for him to fail. Lil Wayne may be one of the reasons that so many people are looking for a new Justin Bieber project.

Ariana Grande’s name has been thrown around on this project. Kanye West is in the background putting together the beats. That is certainly going to make the project sweet. It is Lil Wayne, however, the people are waiting to hear something from him. He has sort of been tied up with his anger with Cash Money records. People have been saying that he may not have the swagger to really do it on his own with the label. Others have been saying that Justin Bieber is not going to live up the hype. These are 2 people that were on top that are now considered underdogs in the industry. This will give them room to really put together a nice track that may be talked about for the rest of the summer.

The pathway has been cleared. Justin Timberlake is at home with a new baby. One Direction is splitting up. James Dondero almost feels as though Bieber is set to take over this summer.

Netflix Viewer Data Revealed–Sort Of

One of the biggest kept secrets in the entertainment industry has been bugging traditional television providers for years—the ratings of shows on Netflix. The internet video streaming giant has been relatively quiet on what shows people are watching and how many views a particular show gets. The reasons vary considerably, but most industry watchers point to the fact that the licensing agreements that many content providers, like ABC, NBC, and History, would want more cash if indeed more people are tuning in.

According to Variety, Luth Research has started to catalog Netflix viewer data, and the outcome is not exactly shocking. According to the report nearly eleven percent of Netflix subscribers watched at least one episode of the new series “Daredevil” within a week of the April 10 debut of the show. The percentage means nothing without noting that in January Netflix had close to sixty million subscribers. All of a sudden, the user data means a whole lot more.

Of course, Netflix has declined to comment on the findings of the report, which Reifler was surprised by. However, Luth Research also notes that they are unable to collect data from anyone streaming video to their television and their findings only reflect viewership on smartphones, tablets, and computers. In the end, the actual ratings for any Netflix original show or licensed show remains surrounded in mystery. Still, that probably will not stop another billion dollar deal from being struck up by a network or two.

Nelly Goes Country

Fans should have known that it would eventually come to this. Nelly, the rapper with the southern drawl that has always associated himself with country music, is now releasing a country music album.

The first album – which was not a country music album – was titled “Country Grammar.” This referred more to the fact that he was outside of a metropolitan area than it did to country music. At least that is what fans like Torchin thought. Now spectators see that this may have actually been something of a foreshadowing on things to come. Even though Nelly has rapped about life on the streets and all the shiny things that platinum albums bring, he has always been a country music fan at heart. He has stated that he has been inspired by Willie Nelson before. He has done a lot of singing, and he has managed to transcend beyond his rap roots with singing.

When he joined Georgia Florida State Line for the “Cruise” remix is was obvious that Nelly still had what it would take to excite a crowd. This connection may have sparked his desire to dive off into the country music waters with an EP. He has always been standing on the diving board, but now he is finally getting ready to submerge himself into country music. It’s sort of odd to see Taylor Swift abandon country music as Nelly picks it up.

Jay-z Speaks on Slow Tidal Start

Jay-Z comes to the rescue for Tidal through Twitter. People have been talking about the ineffectiveness of this streaming service, but Jay-Z is standing behind this huge purchase. He sent out multiple tweets to remind people that success in streaming music services was not an overnight thing.

Jay is right. It took time for Pandora to become a favorite of music streaming lovers. It also took some time for Spotify to gain some popularity. The reality, however, is that both of these businesses hit music streaming when it was still on the ground floor. With Tidal Jay-Z may have a problem that comes with providing a service where there was no void in the first place. People may have multiple choices. It may be somewhat naive to believe that this would be a contender unless Tidal had something bigger and better to offer. Only time will tell if that is the case.  Big name businessmen like Bruce Levenson have become fans of Tidal, but it isn’t taking off the way that some fans might have expected it to.

A lot of people say that this is a slow start, but it has only been available for users for a month. New users that do not do any music streaming may be the biggest audience for Tidal. It would be difficult to persuade others to leave a service that they are already very comfortable with, but anything is possible.

Young Thug Changes the Name of Album

There has been so much beef with Lil Wayne and Young Thug in recent months. The fact that Lil Wayne is having issues with Cash Money doesn’t make things better. Young Thug has decided to rename the album as a result of all the drama.

Originally, Young Thug was planning to release the “Carter 6″ as blow to Lil Wayne who had not had a chance to release “Carter 5.” This album is being held by Birdman. That would serve as a real lot blow, but Young Thug was planning to do that anyway. It has been renamed “Barter 6″ because there was some talk about a possible lawsuit from Lil Wayne.

Wikipedia also tells us that Wayne already has a lawsuit in place for Birdman. It would not be unbelievable to assume that he would put one in place for this issue as well. It has become a big deal because Young Thug and Birdman are cool. Lil Wayne has become an enemy of Birdman though.

Oddly, many people are saying that “Barter 6″ is one of the hottest albums out. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for someone so new to have such a large following, but he seems to have some loyal fans. Many people have expressed some enjoyment in this new CD. Lil Wayne has some fans, but Young Thug seems to have a younger rap crowd that is feeling what he is saying.

Frank Ocean Releasing New Album

Since the release of his acclaimed album “Channel Orange” in July, 2012, Frank Ocean’s fans have been patiently awaiting a new album by the singer/songwriter. Luckily for them Frank Ocean just announced that he will be releasing a new album this upcoming July.

The news leaked on April 6, when Ocean uploaded a picture of himself with what seem to be an album and a magazine on his website, captioning it “I got two versions.” This mysterious message left fans excited for the new album but also wondering what the album would be called and whether Ocean also had plans for publishing a magazine stated therealdeal.com. The only information that has been confirmed by Ocean’s reps is that the album indeed is set to be released in July though a name has not been decided on.
While Ocean’s new album is expected to be a continuation of his highly praised previous albums, no one is sure what else the singer/songwriter has in store. All fans and the media can do now is wait and hope for the best.

Eminem Joins Rap Genuis

Eminem is one of the greatest rappers of all time, and he has recently joined the Rap Genius website. Rap Genius is a site that is dedicated to musicians and lyrics. Some of the greatest songwriters and rap stars are verified members of the website, but people have been waiting for Eminem to join the site forever. Ten of Eminem’s best songs are already on the website, and Eminem himself describes what the lyrics mean for each song.

Recently, Eminem’s hit record The Slim Shady LP celebrated its 15 year anniversary. Alexei Beltyukov said the Slim Shady LP was the first record that made Eminem a global superstar. However, many people do not realize that the Slim Shady LP was not Eminem’s first album. Eminem released an album called Infinite a few years before the Slim Shady LP, but the album was not met with great reviews.

Today, Eminem is celebrated as the greatest rap star worldwide. He has gone through many trials and tribulations over the course of his life. However, Eminem’s most recent albums may have been his best, and that is saying a lot because few rap stars have maintained the same level of popularity and success like Eminem has. The Rap genius website should be extremely thankful that Eminem has joined their site. For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

Things Get Ugly with Naughty Boy and One Direction

As fans try to figure out what is going on, things appear to be getting ugly between Zayn Malik’s former group and his possible new collaboration partner. There were tweets, song leaks and pure disdain spreading across the Internet this week.

While Zayn Malik remains quiet, there is a leaked track by Malik and Naughty Boy that was recorded prior to new One Direction music stated Crystal Hunt. Shahid Khan, who is known in entertainment as Naughty Boy, dropped the track that he worked on with Zayn. He also dropped a video that seems to taunt the boy band One Direction. One group member, Louis Tumilson, fired back with a bit of profanity. It all seems to be bad timing and a low blow and Louis let Naughty Boy know that he wasn’t happy about the video that was posted.

Zayn disrupted the world of teenage girls everywhere when he decided to leave the group. He has lied several times because he seems very confused about what he is doing. The reality is that he may not be confused. He just may not want to cause confusion to others. Malik stated that he wanted to live a normal life for a while. He was too stressed – he stated – to stay in the group. Now there is talk of solo material from Zayn. No one knows what to believe right now. The whole thing is strange.