FreedomPop Has Wi-Fi Service That’s Secure

Using Wi-Fi services has learnt me a harsh lesson. I was on Wi-Fi the other day in a public setting when I noticed that some of my applications started disappearing off of my phone screen. I know it was public Wi-Fi, but I never thought that I would be hacked. I was terrified when almost all of my applications disappeared or moved out of place, so I quickly turned off my phone. I knew that turning off my phone would disconnect me from the Wi-Fi service, and I hoped that it would protect my information as well.

I quickly left the store, but not before telling the manager that someone was messing around with their Wi-Fi service and hacking into phones. Needless to say, I never used free Wi-Fi again. I knew that there had to be a better way for me to get onto Wi-Fi service, especially when I was on the road. I went on the road a lot, especially since I did pizza delivery. I didn’t make a lot of money, and I couldn’t really afford to pay for unlimited Internet on my cell phone. I relied a lot on Wi-Fi networks to get me by, especially if I had to search for some information on the Internet.

The only time I allowed myself to constantly use my data was if I was using the GPS, but I rarely needed that, especially since I knew every delivery place in my area. I found out about FreedomPop from a friend at work who said that they had problems with free Wi-Fi as well. FreedomPop has an unlimited Wi-Fi service that costs only five dollars a month. I knew that five dollars a month was something I could afford, so I checked into the service. FreedomPop has over 10 million different locations where I can get onto a hotspot, and I can use the hotspot as long as I want to. The good thing is also that the hotspots are secure.

I didn’t need any more convincing, so I paid my five dollar fee and got the Wi-Fi hotspot from FreedomPop. I was happy to find out that the pizza place where I worked had a FreedomPop hotspot very close by, so I would go there in my free time and jump on the Wi-Fi. I spent hours a day searching, especially if it was my day off. I would even drive to the place near my work, just so I could use the FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot. FreedomPop not only has great deals for people who can’t afford to pay for Wi-Fi service, but it’s a secure Wi-Fi service as well.

Investment Banks and Personal Finance


When many people think of investment banks all they can see is large banks that help people invest their money. Although many investment banks do that, they also provide a wide variety of different services. At the end of the day, a good investment bank should provide a lot of value in terms of personal finance expertise as well. There are many different ways in which a person or family can improve their position with their personal finances. There are many people out there that have books or web sites that teach people how to get out of debt and build wealth over the long term. One of the best people in this field is James Dondero, and he has a wide variety of experience in helping clients to pull from. James Dondero has been in the field for many decades and has helped thousands of people. Here are several ways an investment bank can help someone with their finances.

Debt Management

One of the biggest ways that people hurt themselves with their finances is through taking on too much debt. The American economy is built around consumption, so when people make more money they tend to go out and spend more as well. Although this may help large businesses, in the long run it does not help the consumer. There are many people with thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Another large portion of debt that people have is with student loans. Student loans have passed credit cards as being the largest source of debt that people carry on their personal balance sheet. There are many people that pay thousands of dollars toward their student loans every month. It can be difficult to save and invest with that kind of debt payment every month.

James Dondero

James Dondero is one of the most well known and important people in the investment banking field. There are few people with his knowledge and expertise in the field of investment banking. At the end of the day, James Dondero is one of the leaders in the field and many people look up to him. Anyone that wants to work in investment banking one day should read his work.

Final Thoughts

Overall, investment banking is one of the most important aspects of the American economy. Not only can they help their clients earn a higher rate of return on their investments, but they can also make it so people have a better grasp of their personal finances. James Dondero owns and manages one of the largest investment firms in the United States today, mostly due to his work with clients.

Handy Hits $1 Million Per Week In Reservations As Cleaning Economy Amalgamates

The marketplace for online as well as mobile cleaning plus home repair reservation services is escalating and Handy will be announcing some huge numbers very soon.

2 year after its introduction, Handy has made more than $1 million in reservations per week. Umang Dua, the Chief Operating Officer, states that they have increased from $3 million in operation cost to $52 million.

According to Hanrahan alongside Dua, the latest on-demand service bargain provides a healthier model for consumers as wells as service professionals. With the firm’s latest mobile app, Hanrahan states that their cleaners describe it as an ATM machine in their pocket.

For majority of cleaning specialists on Handy, the hourly pay ranges from $15 to $22 per hour, averaging about $18 per hour. “It gives you the ability to pick your own hours and it gives you a healthy hourly wage,” Hanrahan says.

The revenue figures are generated as Handy and Homejoy has equally made strides in some few months ago to re-define their dealings with new branding plus new apps for mobile gadgets respectively.

Increasingly, clients are becoming confortable by the concept of contracting services via their mobile devices and with authorized background checks on the national as well as county level followed by onboard procedure, Handy service experts are exhaustively vetted.

“We think the Handy platform will be a remote control for your home. We want to get to a place where we’ll roll out all of those service categories in an instant book kind of way,” states Hanrahan.

Handy see themselves offering services beyond only home cleaning, yet for Handy to some extent, the majority of the firm’s swelling income is still streaming in from home-cleaning services. Actually, approximately 85% of the business’s money is generated from cleaning services, with the other 15% divided between “Handyman services and a small number of plumbing services,” as per Hanrahan.

Handy is presently in 25 cities in U.S.A., 2 in Canada, and also providing services in London. “We’ve had over 200,000 applications to the website for potential cleaners and handymen, and have over 5,000 active professionals who complete at least one job in a month.”

Handy was founded at Harvard Business School in 2012, and it’s after Hanrahan and Dua met accidentally as roomies. Dua finished his studies from Amrest College and established a networking business in India that facilitated high school learners locate admissions in colleges. He later worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

Hanrahan was a consecutive entrepreneur in the group. This guy from Dublin graduated from Trinity University in Ireland and relocated to Budapest in 2006 in search of money in Eastern Europe Housing boom. In Budapest, he transformed unused upper floor space that was in most old buildings into penthouse apartments. Shortly, he contracted programmers to create software that was able to comb through property accounts to search for similar changeable spaces. Business droned till 2009 when credit crisis restricted loans and consequently the construction market.

Hanrahan later on teamed up with Dua to start Handybook, which is currently offering house cleaning services as its main business.

Impacting Others Like Bruce Levenson


Bruce Levenson is one of the most successful people in the United States. Not only did he work himself up from humble beginnings in business, but he was able to take a franchise from the bottom to the top. There are several traits that helped Bruce Levenson in his quest to become great. First of all, he always knew that he wanted to help others through his success. Growing up in a middle class family, Bruce Levenson was around plenty of people that simply did not have enough growing up. He made it his mission in life to impact other people through his success in any way that he could. Here are several ways we can look at the life of Bruce Levenson and model him to impact others as well.


In order to impact people on the scale that Bruce Levenson has been able to, it is important to have some measure of success in life. The reason that he has the resources to help so many people is the fact that he has been successful in almost every area of his life since he was young. When he was in school, Bruce Levenson worked hard and was able to be accepted in to several well known colleges. There are many people that he met at college that would stay in his inner circle for many years. Bruce Levenson always talks about the importance of building a network over time with like minded people.

Desire To Help

Even when he was at the top of his success ladder, Bruce Levenson always had a passion for giving back to others. Anyone that wants to impact others on the scale that Bruce Levenson has been able to do must have a passion to help others in their situation. There are many people that want to do good in the world but do not have the resources. Combining the resources and passion to help others is what makes Bruce Levenson stand out on top of others. At the end of the day, the desire to help others is what should be at the center of your life if you want to be like Bruce Levenson.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Bruce Levenson is a great story about a man with humble beginnings that was able to succeed in many facets of life. Then he was able to turn this success in to something where he can help people that were less fortunate than him. If you have a passion to help others, always strive to be successful in whatever it is that you do and help others along the way like Bruce Levenson has done.

The Dating Application Skout

Online and smartphone application dating services were create to help people meet others that share similar interests, some of which they wouldn’t have interacted with otherwise. They began in the late 1990s and their popularity only increased as smartphones were produced and made more powerful. There are a variety of dating apps to choose from. Most, if not all of them, allow users to chat with other application users to establish a personal or romantic relationship. It has been found that people that are more technologically savvy are more likely to sign up for at least one dating app, while people who are more trusting of people are more likely to find their relationships outside of their phones or computers. These apps are usually un-moderated, meaning that everyone’s information is secret and secure as long as they do not give it out. It also means that there are very limited rules applied to those who use them.

Even though most dating apps have similar features, most of them try to focus on a specific market, whether it be a certain religion, age group, or interest, to gather users and monopolize. They offer chat messengers, photo sharing, and video sharing. There is a common metaphor of a marketplace used when describing dating apps and websites. This was established because of how people search for another person that they are interested in while also trying to sell themselves for others. Some dating applications are free to user while others either have a one time entrance fee or have a monthly subscription.

One of the more popular dating applications in the last decade is called Skout. It can be downloaded and used for iOS and Android operating systems. The service was created in 2007 by Niklas Lindstrom and Christian Wiklund would had been grou friends for many years. In 2009 they introduced a Skout website to compliment their app. Skout is available for users in 14 languages and 180 countries. Currently, it has over 100 million users and has made about 500 million user connections since it was launched. It is a location based app who uses its “people discovery” feature to help users find each other if they are nearby. It uses a smartphone’s global positioning system to check and see if there are any other Skout members within a mile radius. This feature can be turned off under the application’s settings if they don’t want to be found or contacted by other close-by users. A precise location is never identifiable, just a general location to help protect those who might not want to meet one another right away. Also the global positioning system feature is only available to those over 18, not for minors. The app can be used for people who are traveling to meet up another customer who is already living there. Skout also allows its customers to share virtual gifts, which can be purchased through the in-app store, and “shake to chat” to find a random person to talk with.

Learn to hustle with Boraie Development

There comes a time when we need to enhance our business surroundings to keep everything going. Having industry projects is one way to go about doing that. Published through NJ Biz, Boraie Development gets the buzz on how their industry is doing. Sometimes we all need a little reassurance to know our business is landing where it needs to be. Boraie Development LLC New Jersey real estate leaders have success with industry events that keep residential projects up to date. 

It can be hard to run a business but when you have the right mind-set for it – it can also be easy to turn a business that was heading down – hill to go up – hill. Boraie Development brings itself to a peaking point that helps the business sky-rocket with 70 percent of the total retail space having been leased to date. 

Check out new release of information on Boraie Development on and see how you can take that no and turn it into a yes with ideas for your business to use. Using someone else’s ideas is a good idea to take into consideration when it comes to helping your business have more than one leg to stand on. 

Give Boraie Development the credit they deserve. At Boraie Development they’ve got the buzz on NJ Biz to give you the insight on Boraie Development. When we see a company on the news, we take into consideration what the people are saying about the company. There’s nothing but good news said about Boraie Development.

Joseph Bismark: True Happiness


I’ve read through this article on the We Don’t Love These Hogues WordPress blog and I am thinking about true happiness. If there is one thing many people are searching for, it is happiness. They look to many different things for happiness. Among them are physical beauty, clothing, business success, riches, and plenty of other material things. Often times, this search is met with disappointment and frustration. As a result, some people just forget about it and seek instead to numb their pain. Joseph Bismark on the other hand, has a different idea as to how one can find true happiness.

Joseph Bismark stresses the importance of looking beyond the physical for happiness. As a matter of fact, he states that people are not physical, but spirit-souls. He has taken this realization and has applied it to his life. Instead of seeking fame, recognition and high positions, he sought for ways to serve people. Unlike most business owners, no one is going to find Joseph Bismark sitting around while the lower levels are doing all of the work. He jumps in with the others to help with the work load. There is also a lot of beauty that brought from spirituality into marketing. 

While Joseph Bismark interacted with people he carried with him a balance of friendship and professionalism. This is something that very few people could say they did. Many people that dealt with him would say that they have an easy time talking to him. He is not a stuck up guy who is all about running a business and making the bottom line. He cares deeply for people and wants them to experience true fulfillment. As a matter of fact he cares more about the fulfillment of people than the revenue of his business. This makes Joseph Bismark a great role model as well as an innovative businessman.

Dr. Daniel Amen, the Busiest Physician on the Planet

Dr. Daniel Amen is a very busy and popular man. He is one of today’s leading proponents of body health via proper brain health. And he voices his educated opinions loudly and by several different methods: He is a physician, a psychiatrist, a T.V. producer, and a bestselling author. Through all of these hats he is committed to creating awareness about health, specifically brain health. To this end, Dr. Daniel Amen founded and directs the Amen Clinics in several cities throughout the country. And the Amen Clinics have proven themselves to be one of the best and most valued brain clinics in the world. The clinics possess several honors in the field such as boasting the largest database of brain scans in the world and being the lead researching organization of a study of the brains of professional athletes.

Dr. Amen is currently working on a new project: A health program designed for religious organizations. For this project, he is partnering with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman. Together, they are designing the “Daniel Plan, which will be a 52-week program geared to the health of the Christian.

All the while, Amen is maintaining his many other projects. He currently hosts nine different popular shows about the brain. In addition he continues to author and co-author books. To date, he has written 60 articles, seven individual book chapters, and 30 entire books.

Although these things that have been mentioned take up most of his time, he engages in miscellaneous other things. He also has appeared and continues to appear in occasional movies. He has also called on to speak on some of the most prestigious organizations worldwide. He has spoken at the National Security Agency, The National Science Foundation, Harvard’s Learning and the Brain Conference, the Department of the Interior, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and various state supreme courts.

How to Create Our First Wikipedia Page

Writing articles on Wikipedia can be a fun and interesting way to show the world what you know and are able to prove. Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia that is able to provide you with free-access and free-content. This is made possible by you. You are able to create and edit articles 24 hours a day seven days a week. Editing or revising an existing article is an easy task but creating a new article will take more time and skill.

The first thing to do when you have decided to make a Wikipedia business page is to register an account, courtesy of GetYourWiki. This is a simple step that can be started by clicking on the “Create Account” link that is located on the sites home page.

After you have created an account, you must decide on what to write about. The topic that you choose must be one that highlights notability. Such topic cannot be about a subject or topic that lacks notability such as a high school play or local sports star. The person, place, or event must be widely known and have some type of fame and notoriety attach to its name. Once you have a topic or subject in mind, search to make sure a page on your chose topic does not already exist.

After you have verified that no other page about your topic exists, you can start writing. Make sure that all of your content is original. If you are going to use a direct quote from a book or other source make sure to cite the work. You can begin writing on a blank article page if you feel confident or if you prefer you can simply write your article in a Word document, then use the copy and paste feature to transfer the article to your blank article page. Creating the article in a Word document can help you to save your work before it is completed just in case your computer crashes or another unforeseen situation occurs.

After you have finished with writing and are ready to start creating a Wiki page, now it’s time to add links to other articles. This can help readers that need further information about a topic that is mentioned or briefly covered in your article. After all the links have been added, click on the “Show Preview” link that will allow you to view your article before it goes live.

If you are satisfied with what you have created, then it’s time to publish. Before you are able to publish your article’s page, make sure to write a summary about the contents of the article by selecting the “Edit Summary” link. Clicking on the “Save Page” link allows your creation to go live.

Supernatural News

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 1, The CW and other outlets

announced information about Supernatural’s 11th season, which will premiere on October 7th this year.

For starters, the cast and crew begin production this month. Jensen Ackles announced via Twitter that he will be directing at least one episode: “The Bad Seed.” Jared Padalecki is not leaving the show as some rumors earlier this past month suggested. He has been struggling with depression and chose to take time off to spend with his family.

In the tradition of the show’s writers often making women evil, a character named Amara will be one of the new threats in Season 11. She is supposedly a twenty-something who has “seductive beauty” and an “acid tongue.” She may or may not be an alien. If she is somehow a part of The Darkness plot, those details have not yet been released.

Fans like Ricardo might also learn more about Crowley’s family. Season 10 marked the appearance of his mother Rowena and some backstory. Season 11 might reveal the identity of his father or, at least, additional backstory.

In off-screen event news, the main cast members and Jeremy Carver will be making an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th to host a panel and Q&A, autographs, et cetera.

Many of Supernatural’s remaining fans hope that the new season will be better than the last two seasons.