It’s Official Zayn Leaves 1D

With the news finally made as official, Zayn Malik has officially left boy band sensation One Direction. An official statement released on Twitter by the band’s PR Company has confirmed the awful rumors. According to the statement, Zayn told fans that while he is appreciative of his time with the band, however it’s time to part ways. He apologized to fans acknowledging he has let them down but has to do what feels right in his heart.

The news comes as a shock to 1D fans across the world. In fact, shortly after the announcement the internet became a firestorm of One Direction meltdowns. In just a few short minutes, the internet and everyone on it experienced an interesting display of emotions from 1D fans. Twitter users were in disbelief, thinking that perhaps the official Twitter account making the announcement was hacked. Since of course, SlideShare says there is no way the news could be true.

Other One Direction fans immediately induced panic. Noting that the band just wouldn’t be the same without Zayn. They questioned the boy bands fate, wondering just how the band would go on without him.

Then there was absolute mayhem. Young girls posting videos on the social media platform YouTube, making pleas for Zayn not to leave. Others were extremely emotional and crying because of the devastating news. Girls had to call off of work and stayed home from school because they were so distraught. Here’s to wishing everyone a steadfast and speedy recovery after the overwhelming news.

An Interview With Modest Mouse Singer

Rolling Stone Magazine has an interview on their website with Isaac Brock, the lead singer of alternative band Modest Mouse. Among other things, Brock discusses the band’s new album and why it took eight years to make.

Brock says the album took so long since he was obsessive about making a good record; he didn’t want to release one or two good songs along with a bunch of filler songs. He also talks about the band’s long time bass player, Eric Judy, leaving the band and says it was never explained to him why this happened. Haidar Barbouti said that on another subject, Brock tells the story of his collaborations with rapper Big Boi and says these sessions didn’t really work out since he wasn’t comfortable with a few hip-hop recording methods.

In my opinion, Brock is notable since he has been successful completely on his own terms. Traditionally, pop acts that make the charts write catchy love songs. Modest Mouse plays songs with odd arrangements on downbeat subjects, yet people still love their music. That’s inspirational.

Brock has used some of his money from Modest Mouse’s success to build his own studio and living space in his hometown of Portland, Oregon. He says for the past few years his routine has been to to wake up, record music all day and then party into the night. Sounds like a fun life!

The Best Ways to Really Go About Wining and Dining

There are many great ways to stay entertained in our new modern culture, but there are still those who really prefer to go out on the town to find their entertainment and satisfaction. Wining and Dining is a great way to find your entertainment out on the town. You must however know where to look for the greatest restaurants and wine out on the town. This will take a certain amount of research to find the very best places to dine out when you are on the town. You need to make sure that you are finding great restaurants that will fit your taste and personal style.

When you are trying to find a high class place to dine out and you are also looking for a great selection of wine, you have to pick the very best restaurant. There are sites online that will help you decide which restaurant is the best for you. There are many review sites online as well that will show customer satisfaction reviews from individuals who have dined out to these restaurants before. You will be able to see just how nice the customer service is, and the great selection of food and wine that is available as well.

The Antique Wine company is a great wine merchant that supplies many restaurants with vintage wine that pleases the taste buds. For a truly unique wine and dine experience, you should check with the restaurant that you are eating at and see if they get their wine from the Antique Wine Company. If these restaurants get their wine from the Antique Wine Company, you can be assured that you will have a great wine experience to go along with your dining. The Antique Wine Company only supplies the very best wines to the restaurants that they are in business with.

When you are choosing which restaurants to attend, you will find that there is a great deal of information that you can find on the internet. There are many restaurant websites that will have their wine menu right on their website. This will give you the ability to check the wines, and to see if any of them come from The Antique Wine Company. You will soon find that checking the wine list on the website will be a big determining factor to which restaurant that you choose to attend during your wining and dining experience.

Robin and Pharrell Have to Give It Up

It is sort of ironic that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams unwittingly sampled Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up” because now they have to give it up. The fans are split down the middle. Some people say the song is certainly similar. Others believe these are two different songs. Whatever the case may be, a judgement has been made.

Zeca Oliveira knows that Multitudes of people have taken interest in the “Blurred Lines” song. Find Oliveira on Linkedin. Many younger people that are fans of Robin Thicke have never heard of the Marvin Gaye song that started the copyright infringement troubles. Coincidentally, the legal troubles of Robin Thicke actually caused more people to find out about this song. The court ordered Thicke and Williams to pay more than 7 Million to the family of Marvin Gaye.

Copyright infringement has become a big deal in the recent years because so much music has been sampled. What Pharrell really should have done is got a sample cleared for this before attempting to play this off as original music. Anyone that hears the track can see that there is more than inspiration. That is what Pharrell called it, but this is a sped up version of the same song.

In the past Kanye West sped up lots of tracks and sampled songs. The difference is that he chopped up beats in ways that barely resumed the original. Pharrell failed to make “Blurred Lines” different.

Kanye West Just Signed A Chicago Rapper

No matter what Kanye West has on his schedule, he always makes time to build the team. He just dropped a new album ‘So Help Me God’ which is getting him a lot of attention and hype in addition to releasing his brand new adidas sneakers.

As of March 4th, Hollywood Holt just became the newest member of G.O.O.D. Music. Holt announced on instgram that he just got signed and is super excited to let everyone hear his music. If Kanye thinks he’s good then who are we to argue with that.

Yeezy has been expanding his label by signing new artists like Hollywood Holt and Kacy Hill. Big Sean also announced to his fans that Kanye West is flying everyone in the team out to Mexico for a recording session which may get a whole lot of new fresh faces some spotlight.

Hollywood Holt has done a lot of guest appearances in the last year ever since performing with the Chicago Treated Crew. Their first performance was at G.O.O.D.’s music showcase SXSW which was in 2014.

According to Google Play, Holt has plenty of recording sessions in front of him if he is going to belong to the genius’s record label. Kanye comes out with great work all thanks to the amount of time he sits in the studio recording, and although he is married now and doesn’t record as much, he still comes out with pure genius every couple of months.

Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top Working on Latin Side Project

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about ZZ Top guitar player Billy Gibbons working on a side project playing Latin music. Gibbons will be travelling to Cuba soon to participate in a music festival for Latin music, and he is currently in the studio working with a small band on some Latin compositions he wrote himself.

Playing Latin music might seem like a departure for Gibbons since he is best known for the blistering rock and blues riffs he plays with ZZ Top. In fact, the WallStreetJournal reported that Gibbons himself was mystified as to why he was invited to this particular music festival which actually features jazz music. Ray Lane says however, it turns out that Gibbons studied Latin percussion as a teenager with the legendary salsa master Tito Puente in New York City. Also, Gibbons – who lived in Mexico for several years – is a fan of all things Latin.

I think that it is great that Gibbons is going down this Latin music road. He’s a fabulous musician, but he’s been doing basically the same thing with ZZ Top for 45 years now. Doing something different musically can only bring some freshness to the classic ZZ Top sound and also help him develop as a musician. Furthermore, by travelling to Cuba, Gibbons will be helping break down walls between Cuba and the United States… something that definitely needs to be done.

Grateful Dead’s Tribute to Garcia

Around the beginning of January the Grateful Dead made plans to get together for a reunion concert for a 50th Birthday and the 20th Anniversary dedication of their founding guitarist Jerry Garcia. They all thought it was the right thing to do, for themselves and their fans. The concert is to be played at the Soldiers Field in Chicago on July 3rd, 4th, and 5th.

Garcia died of a heart attack, at the age 53, on August 9th. The last fabulous concert that Garcia played in with the Grateful dead was at 61,500 seat stadium, in Chicago, on July 9th, 1995.

In the early 2014, the road to “Fare Thee Well” started when Shapiro suggested to Weir, Lesh, Hart and Kreutzmann about doing a concert, where Garcia last played. Once the show was made public, it only took two weeks for 400,000 tickets to be sold, well past the capacity of seating for the stadium. They are planning on accommodating by opening seats behind the stage and placing seating on the field itself.

This will surpass any of their other concerts every done. Ricardo Tosto reported they also were asked by the Live Nation and the producers of the Coachella and Bonnaroo festivals for 50th-birthday performances.

John Textor: Bringing Media to Life

What can anyone look down on you for once you’ve been the man who brought Tupac Shakur back to life? How can anyone even think to criticize a man who basically mad 3D hologram technology available to the public. Nobody should and we aren’t sure why anyone would. Instead, we are sure that we’d be interested in delving into one of the most important men in the world of digital technology. Digital technology is the way of the future. Heck, it is the way of the present as well and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The man leading the charge goes by the name John Textor and you are familiar with his work, even if you aren’t familiar with his name.

John Textor grew up in a relatively small town before he busted out into the big time. He went to school at Wesleyan University where he quickly got a hold of his Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He used that education and the associated clout to quickly integrate himself where it was important: in the world of industry. He would go on to co found Wyndcrest Holdings and it was through his work there that Wyndcrest would explode in success. With Wyndcrest making him some very serious cash, as a private equity firm, he would go on to dabble in a few other companies on the internet. While Textor was succesful at these stops of his career, they weren’t meant to define him. That is what Hollywood was for.

Now if you’ve spent any number of time around movie theaters in the last decade or two then you’ve noticed how quickly and importantly it has become to have top notch digital effects in your productions. The films with spectacular digital effects always seem bankable, even if they aren’t critically acclaimed, while those without the effects tend to flounder. John Textor noticed, even if many people didn’t.

In order to succeed in this field, Textor needed a way into it that would lend his projects some credence. So he found a corporation that had a great history but was struggling in the present. Digital Domain. This production house started in 1993 and it was the driving force behind some of the most beloved films of all time. In short, it was perfect. Textor got involved with the company and before long he was leading it. With 25 major productions under his belt and more than a couple of Academy Awards, Textor’s work will live on forever.

Suge Knight Charged with Hit-and-Run

Crime is no stranger to Death Row Records co-founder, Suge Knight. Many still remember the infamous deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls more than 15 years ago. Knight is thought to have co-conspired in the death of Smalls. He served time in prison for aggravated assault. He went back to prison for assault, and as fans like Fersen Lambranho know, he was shot six times at a later date. A few months ago, Knight was involved with an aggravated assault with comedian Katt Williams. And now trouble has once more found Knight, as the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department has charged Knight with a fatal hit and run accident.

Knight, according to reports, was involved with an altercation with several other men while on the set of the movie biography for rap group N.W.A. A short 20 minutes later, the men were run over in the Tam’s Burgers parking lot in Compton, CA. Reports state that Knight drove his vehicle backwards and hit the victims. He then drove the vehicle forward and back to hit the men again.

Knight defends himself saying that he was attacked by two individuals and ran over a man (who later died) trying to flee. Knight is in jail being held on a bail of $2 million. The second man, aged 51, is still in the hospital. His current condition is unknown.

Kanye And North Star In Only One


Kanye West recently appeared on the Ellen show to talk about his new music video, his mother, and how his family has changed him. The new release is called, Only One, and it will air on Ellen, Thursday, January 29, 2015.

Kanye’s new music video is tender and looks more like a home video then a music video stated Lee Slaughter. This is not a side of Kanye the public is use to seeing. The video was directed by Spike Jonze and shows Kanye with his daughter North. It depicts the two walking hand in hand and interacting with each other. The song is written as if Donda, Kanye’s deceased mother, is singing to him.

Kanye confirmed that him and his wife, Kim Kardashian, are currently trying to add more children to their family. Kanye said he really believes Kim and his daughter North have made him a better person.