Dr. Daniel Amen, the Busiest Physician on the Planet

Dr. Daniel Amen is a very busy and popular man. He is one of today’s leading proponents of body health via proper brain health. And he voices his educated opinions loudly and by several different methods: He is a physician, a psychiatrist, a T.V. producer, and a bestselling author. Through all of these hats he is committed to creating awareness about health, specifically brain health. To this end, Dr. Daniel Amen founded and directs the Amen Clinics in several cities throughout the country. And the Amen Clinics have proven themselves to be one of the best and most valued brain clinics in the world. The clinics possess several honors in the field such as boasting the largest database of brain scans in the world and being the lead researching organization of a study of the brains of professional athletes.

Dr. Amen is currently working on a new project: A health program designed for religious organizations. For this project, he is partnering with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman. Together, they are designing the “Daniel Plan, which will be a 52-week program geared to the health of the Christian.

All the while, Amen is maintaining his many other projects. He currently hosts nine different popular shows about the brain. In addition he continues to author and co-author books. To date, he has written 60 articles, seven individual book chapters, and 30 entire books.

Although these things that have been mentioned take up most of his time, he engages in miscellaneous other things. He also has appeared and continues to appear in occasional movies. He has also called on to speak on some of the most prestigious organizations worldwide. He has spoken at the National Security Agency, The National Science Foundation, Harvard’s Learning and the Brain Conference, the Department of the Interior, the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and various state supreme courts.

How to Create Our First Wikipedia Page

Writing articles on Wikipedia can be a fun and interesting way to show the world what you know and are able to prove. Wikipedia is a free internet encyclopedia that is able to provide you with free-access and free-content. This is made possible by you. You are able to create and edit articles 24 hours a day seven days a week. Editing or revising an existing article is an easy task but creating a new article will take more time and skill.

The first thing to do when you have decided to make a Wikipedia business page is to register an account, courtesy of GetYourWiki. This is a simple step that can be started by clicking on the “Create Account” link that is located on the sites home page.

After you have created an account, you must decide on what to write about. The topic that you choose must be one that highlights notability. Such topic cannot be about a subject or topic that lacks notability such as a high school play or local sports star. The person, place, or event must be widely known and have some type of fame and notoriety attach to its name. Once you have a topic or subject in mind, search to make sure a page on your chose topic does not already exist.

After you have verified that no other page about your topic exists, you can start writing. Make sure that all of your content is original. If you are going to use a direct quote from a book or other source make sure to cite the work. You can begin writing on a blank article page if you feel confident or if you prefer you can simply write your article in a Word document, then use the copy and paste feature to transfer the article to your blank article page. Creating the article in a Word document can help you to save your work before it is completed just in case your computer crashes or another unforeseen situation occurs.

After you have finished with writing and are ready to start creating a Wiki page, now it’s time to add links to other articles. This can help readers that need further information about a topic that is mentioned or briefly covered in your article. After all the links have been added, click on the “Show Preview” link that will allow you to view your article before it goes live.

If you are satisfied with what you have created, then it’s time to publish. Before you are able to publish your article’s page, make sure to write a summary about the contents of the article by selecting the “Edit Summary” link. Clicking on the “Save Page” link allows your creation to go live.

Supernatural News

Yesterday, Wednesday, July 1, The CW and other outlets

announced information about Supernatural’s 11th season, which will premiere on October 7th this year.

For starters, the cast and crew begin production this month. Jensen Ackles announced via Twitter that he will be directing at least one episode: “The Bad Seed.” Jared Padalecki is not leaving the show as some rumors earlier this past month suggested. He has been struggling with depression and chose to take time off to spend with his family.

In the tradition of the show’s writers often making women evil, a character named Amara will be one of the new threats in Season 11. She is supposedly a twenty-something who has “seductive beauty” and an “acid tongue.” She may or may not be an alien. If she is somehow a part of The Darkness plot, those details have not yet been released.

Fans like Ricardo might also learn more about Crowley’s family. Season 10 marked the appearance of his mother Rowena and some backstory. Season 11 might reveal the identity of his father or, at least, additional backstory.

In off-screen event news, the main cast members and Jeremy Carver will be making an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con on July 11th to host a panel and Q&A, autographs, et cetera.

Many of Supernatural’s remaining fans hope that the new season will be better than the last two seasons.

Kourtney Kardashian Want Full Custody Of Her Kids

Kourtney Kardashian is tired of Scott’s drinking and partying, and now she refuses to continue to put up with his intense highs and lows while also ignoring rumors that he is cheating on her with various women. Anyone who remembers the early days of Scott and Kourtney’s relationship knows that Scott has always had his problems, partying being the biggest. From the start Scott has had issue staying faithful to Kourtney and was even caught in multiple lies by Kourt and her sisters. Over the years they have grown fond of Scott and actually started to feel sorry for him but those days are finished.

Now that Scott and Kourtney are parents and raising 3 children, Kourtney doesn’t have time to worry about Scott’s whereabouts and if he is off cheating on her. Unfortunately Kourt never has to look far because social media and news are always right there to let her know when something isn’t adding up. Dr. Walden feels like maybe living under the public eye can do a lot of harm.

Most recently Scott is being accused of cheating on Kourtney with a 21-year-old woman, as if that wasn’t enough reports also claim that they spent four days together in a New York hotel room. Now that the newest set of cheating rumors are circulating Kourtney is threatening to take full custody of her children with Scott, and be done with him forever. At the moment Scott is crashing on the sofa of anyone that will have him, because Kourtney refuses to let him come home.

Ice Cube and N.W.A Again?

According to the Crimson, N.W.A reunite kind of, when Ice Cube, Yella and MC Ren perform for the first time together in 26 years. You do the math on that and that’s roughly 1989. Ice Cube has steered away from the N.W.A image of being a hardcore gangster. He started off towards the family side of things. Making movies such as are we there yet and ride along which were more family orientated films. We also know him from 21 Jump Street as the angry police chief. To see in WA on the stage together performing at the Los Angeles Staples Center had to be truly remarkable. However there was one person missing and you can take a good guess at which billionaire rap Mongol wasn’t present. That’s right it was Dr Dre none the less it was a historic moment surrounding the June 28th BET Awards. Who knows maybe Mr. Cube has had enough of putting his gangster ways on ice and is looking to reunite the N.W.A group? No matter who was there or not if you were at the staple center on Saturday and witness N.W.A coming back together you got to witness history. It would seem despite with Eminem says that it’s a mother F in fact they forgot about Dre. Maybe he just didn’t want to be part of the gangster label anymore.

Puff Daddy Performs Many Of His Songs At The BET Music Awards

Amen Clinics states Puff Daddy showed up at the BET Awards last night, and he is celebrating 20 years performing in the music business.Puff Daddy’s Performances. Puff Daddy took the stage several times, but at one point he performed music of his own with his Bad Boy artists. Although many of the artists that were signed to Bad Boy have moved on, they still came back so that they could perform on stage with Puff Daddy. Several artists came through to support Puff Daddy such as Lil’ Kim, Ma$e, 112, Pharrell and more.

Even Faith Evans, who was the wife of the late Notorious B.I.G, she also joined in and performed with Puff Daddy. Unfortunately, one performance that everyone would have loved to have seen is with Puff Daddy and Notorious B.I.G, but obviously that couldn’t happen. Puff Daddy performed many of his songs that spanned over the two decades of his musical career. Lil’ Kim hasn’t been seen out much, especially since she recently had a baby, but she took the time to join Puff Daddy on stage to perform with him.

Even 112 did their song “Peaches N Cream” on stage with Puff Daddy. The performances were very memorable, and they’re something you may never see again unless Puff Daddy comes back to celebrate 30 years in the business. Puffy even went on stage to present an award to Smokey Robinson, and he was messing up his lines, which he apologized for.

Chance the Rapper Makes His Own Destiny

22 year-old Chance the Rapper, out of Chicago, made waves back in 2013 when he released his mixtape Acid Rain.Instead of caving to the usual trajectory of signing a major record deal and releasing a proper debut album, Chance realized that he could forge his own destiny and do whatever he wanted.

In late May 2015, his collaboration with a group of jazz and soul musicians called Social Experiment was released as a free download on iTunes. He was proud of working on Surf because he contributed vocal arrangements on almost every track and was able to do more of the harmonious gospel in which he has been more interested lately. He had the honor of snagging some big names for guest vocals, such as J. Cole and Busta Rhymes.

Chance also managed to pull off a collaboration with the legendary Erykah Badu on “Rememory.”

What he likes best about these collaborations is that he was able to pull them off on his own merit stated Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. He regrets his name, which he coined back in high school, because it could pigeonhole him as only a rapper. By proving his other talents as a part of a group, though, he can continue to expand in his musical career, doing whatever he wants. He may or may not drop a rap album, though. He just isn’t sure that’s what he wants to do.

Drake Debuts A New Sweatsuit From Polo

Drake is such a hot commodity these days that he’s the one person you would want to debut your new styles of clothes, especially if you’re looking to show it off to the world. Drake In A New Sweat Suit. Drake came to the Much Music Video Awards, and he decided to wear a sweatsuit accompanied by shorts. Instead of the traditional sweatsuit that had pants, his sweatsuit had shorts, and many were talking about it. Polo Ralph Lauren is the creator of the sweatsuit, and Drake is the one who got to debut it.

Drake was recently at the birthday bash in Atlanta for Hot 107.9 FM, and after the show, he went on to appear on the awards show. Dr. Daniel Amen said that it was a surprise appearance, but no doubt, it was welcomed. Drake is someone that everyone would like to show up as a guest appearance, but very few people get this privilege. Drake has a lot going on these days, especially since he released his mixed tape at the beginning of the year.

Drake’s mix tape did so well that it was second only to Taylor Swift’s “1989” album. The album also had an incredible 14 tracks at one time that were on the Billboard Music Charts, which is something that has never happened before. Drake had a total of 17 tracks on the Billboard Music Charts at one time, and not even the Beatles had so many songs on the Billboard charts simultaneously.

Frank Ocean Still Elusive as Ever

The first day of summer has official reigned down on the youth that are looking for a chance to party. Stars that have hits for the summer are slowly launching their songs and hoping to be the hot thing for the summer. Frank Ocean, however, has been getting acquainted with more social media as the summer arrives. The anxious fans are watching his every move and trying to find out what he is doing next. They are looking for hints about a new album, but Frank is still as elusive as ever.

Frank Ocean just signed up for SnapChat. He posted a picture, but there is still no music to go with anything. He started a new playlist on SoundCloud recently. Ocean fans at The Aspire New Brunswick say he didn’t add any music to the playlist though. Ocean has surfaced on the web over and over again, but he has managed to fail to do anything worthwhile to give people any real clues. He can tease fans for a while, but he may need to start putting together something before the charts get crowded.

Justin Bieber is the comeback kid that everyone is watching. Taylor Swift remixed herself and gained street credit. Even Janet Jackson, who has been away for 7 years, is back with a new single and a tour. Sam Smith is also back from his vocal cord surgery and in the studio. Frank Ocean needs to new music.

Chris Brown Gets Dissed By Nia On Father’s Day

Chris Brown and his daughter Royalty have been taking over the internet, and the hearts of just about every Chris Brown fan alive. While she was a rather unexpected surprise for Chris, from the moment he found out that he was a father, Chris has stepped up and taken full responsibility for his daughter. So far Chris has shared countless photos and videos of Royalty and it feels like there was never a better time for the singer than fatherhood. While he has not exactly been drama free lately Chris is showing a beautiful new side to his fans and everyone is in love with Chris and Royalty’s love.

Chris has been doing everything within his power to be a good dad. Last weekend while touring in Texas, Chris set some rules for his tour bus and insisted that smoking, cursing, groupies and drinking would not be allowed on the bus while Royalty was on board. On Father’s Day Chris shared some adorable photos and videos, he also posted the photos of the Power Wheels that he had custom detailed to look identical to his own cars.

While everyone is enjoying watching Chris slip into fatherhood, some could not miss the subtle shade that Chris was throw from Royalty’s mother who intentionally posted a sweet message for her current boyfriend giving him props for being there for her and her kids stated Nexpoint Advisors. The message was heartfelt and innocent, however the fact that Nia did not include Chris or post a Father’s Day message for him ,leaves some wondering if she was making a point to leave him out.