Beneful dog food does the math on pet health

Beneful is known for creating healthy dog food that dogs love. Owners concerned over weight and health issues will understand how important basic diet is to both growing and adult dogs, in addition to appropriate exercise. The difference is said to be in the ingredients. Beneful makes dogfood with real meat and vegetables unlike other brands, that may dilute their formulas with corn meal or other non-nutritive substances. Not only is this damaging to a dog’s diet, it is also a way to create more product for a cheaper price, lowering the value of an owner’s investment in their pet over time.

There are several factors behind Beneful’s high performance dog food. Their quality assurance on efforts are among the top in the industry. A chain of checks and balances keep their food up to standard, drastically lessening if not eliminating the possibility of sickness or aggravation of chronic conditions. Maintaining a quality flavor is also important as well. Beneful is aware that pets can become attached to their favorite flavors just as easily as humans can. This is why maintaining this level of quality is important.

Not only is Beneful on facebook approved by the USDA, AFCO, and FDA, they also state their commitment to quality has pushed them to exceed these standards. A strategic process goes into making each and every Purina formula that is available. A team sets up comprehensive goals using feedback from customers and other analysis to consistently improve each flavor and even come out with new ones. Purina’s quality standards are also the mark of a company that likes to stay proactive in their industry.

What Beneful does comes down to pet safety and health. Their site states that approximately 35 to 40 percent of cats going through veterinarian care in the United States have weight problems. This number is astoundingly high at approximately 44 million. Of course, cats are animals that do not get out, and many dog owners would argue that this is to be expected. However studies shows that both cats and dogs are suffering from weight issues that could potentially be problematic.

That’s right dog owners, it isn’t just cats who are putting on the pounds. This study shows that almost one in every four dogs and cats in the US is overweight, and even obese! This data comes from the Banfield Pet Hospital. To put the weight epidemic in perspective, these numbers are collected from nationwide data on pet health through 800 animal hospitals spread over 43 states. The number of overweight dogs has increased by 37 percent over the last 5 years. Beneful uses information such as this to make food that brings weight down and keeps dogs active.

According to Beneful’s website, they consult the science of good pet food! Their scientists study a variety of factors that influence weight. This doesn’t mean diet alone. They also consider the role of the environment and behavioral traits, that contribute to pet health. It is studies like these that help makers of Beneful’s pet formulas innovative and evolving. As the times change, so will pet health issues, but Beneful is dedicated to keeping up.

One Of The Best Known As Beneful Facts From The Market

For those of you out there that feed your pet food from Beneful you will have a nice an sweet recap of their new advertisement campaign. So before we begin o get the facts carved in stone lets just give you some back story info.Information published by PR Newswire with link of site at please enjoy my fellow pet owners. Pride Of The Industry Since the beginning of the century this company has been working around the clock to provide you the owner of pets with food that is not only of high quality but is also safe.Even today after all of these years this system has yet to fail so when your friends give you their advice on why you should buy their food why not it is more then worth it. Reach Of Power Many companies will try to meet the needs of their customers but many will fail. Purinastore’s Beneful however has proven their methods work from the small can of food to the health care products to keep your pet in check.So when you think o this service do not just think of food but think of everything you need under one roof to keep your time table in order. That One Time A company can work around the clock to provide their customers on petco with what they need but even with success there is still that time that someone spreads lies.In early 2014 a class action law suit was filed on the grounds that a product that had never shown signs of trouble came under fire.Thankfully the courts saw this for what it was. As a waste of time as a false accusation. Wrap So with a proud history that has yet to stop why not give your pet a treat with this food.

Lime Crime Gives Girls The Chance To Have A Look Of Their Own

When a girl wants to go out to buy some beauty products for herself she might feel confused about what she should purchase. There are so many brands out there, and since most of them offer some pretty special items, it might feel hard for her to pick from all that the beauty product companies have to offer. But the one thing that every girl can be considering, and the one thing that should help her out when purchasing new beauty products, is that she should never be purchasing anything but that which makes her feel like herself. Beauty products are made to enhance one’s natural beauty and to let their personality be shown, and if every girl can keep that in mind when she is shopping, then she should be able to end up with some products that will make her feel good.
One brand that sells products that help girls to look more like themselves is Lime Crime. This brand was created by a woman who has always had passion for living her life uniquely, and she has encouraged those who purchase items from her brand to do the same. When someone picks up a dark colored lipstick from Lime Crime they will have the chance to let their mood and personality be shown. Lime Crime sells many unique items, in dark and bright colors, and all of those who use the makeup from this brand will be able to express themselves like they have never been able to before.
When a girl is going out to purchase new beauty products for herself she might want to be thinking about all of the new beauty product companies that are available to her. It is easy for a girl to believe that the most popular of brands are the ones that she should be going with, but that is not always necessarily true. Sometimes the smaller a company is the more unique it will be, and unique is what every girl should be looking for.
Beauty products can help a girl to feel more confident in herself than she has ever felt before, if she uses them in the right way, and every girl who wants to do something good for herself should go out and purchase the kinds of products from a beauty product company that will allow her to have a look that is all her own.

Andy Wirth’s Impressive Career

Wirth is the current president and chief executive officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Born on July 25, 1963, he is currently fifty two years old. He has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for 25 years. He began his career with Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 1986, where he served in several marketing and leadership positions. He was appointed as chief marketing officer and vice president of Intrawest in 2007. In 2010, he left Steamboat after being appointed CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. On July 9, 2015 Wirth was appointed as the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort

It is situated in Olympic Valley, a sporting region in California. The resort is among the largest skiing zones in United States. The resort is famous since it was the host site for the 1960 Winter Olympics competitions. It is the second largest skiing zone in Lake Tahoe. The resort has thirty chairlifts and it is built on three thousand six hundred acres of land. In 2012, the resort combined its operations with Alpine Meadows. Today, the joint grounds for the two resorts measures approximately six thousand two hundred acres. The have forty three chair lifts and more than 270 trails. The resort hosts over six hundred thousand skiers annually.

Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Worth is the chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority controls the Reno-Stead Airports. The corporation is governed by a team of nine members as the board of trustees. Worth and the other board members will serve their offices for a period of four years. The board members meet on second and fourth Thursday of each month. The board members strive to create a safe and excellent air travel for persons travelling to and from the Reno region. The board members are appointed by the city council and governed by Chapter 474 of the Statutes of Nevada, 1977.

Wounded Warrior Support

After a life threatening ski diving accident, Worth co-founded Wounded Warrior Support. The program provides support to thousands of injured veterans after they return home. The financial aid covers their medical bills and takes care of their families. In honoring the wounded Navy SEALS, the program raises funds to support the Navy SEAL Foundation. Well-wishers can make donations monthly using a credit card. The Advance Guard monthly giving program offers a WWP blanket to all members who contribute a minimum of $ 19 monthly.

Stephen Murray And CCMP Fight To Solve Credit Problem

When it comes to stopping that national debt it seems to be quite a huge problem. Debt is nothing new to Americans. Sadly though it is quite a problem no matter who it is struggling with it, debt can cause a host of issues on If it is the nation it is causing problems all over the world. If it is on a medium scale we still must worry about some of the issues with companies and the ability to pay employees. It has occurred where a company goes out of business and people do not get paid. In all reality it happens at every level. CCMP Capital has been working on trying to erase the debt since long time ago, during the Richard Nixon area. It is still something that is in the works and they will continue to keep trying to go after the problem, to find a solution.

Credit issues affect everyone and it trickles down to the bottom. Credit is a necessary evil, in one sense of the word. Just think about this for a bit of perspective. When a person is starting out making minimum wage they often make very little, also have no credit. So we encourage the taking out of a credit card or loan (if you can even get one, with credit). The problem here is because we are talking about someone with no history and very little income, they end up paying for it. They pay for it because while someone with great credit is offered a low credit rate. If it is someone first round with credit they often pay a high premium such as 15 -25 percent. Once they build up their credit that rate will come down, we are however punishing those who make little to no money.

So someone who has barely any money to begin with ends up struggling, the absolute most. On a small salary of minimum wage if they would purchase even a used car they often pay many times more that what they should be, simply due to interest. It often enters into a larger problem as instead of that being able to help them it often punishes them. Before they know it they are in debt and have no way of getting out of it. So the question remains as to if this will ever change.

It is known that Stephen Murray former CEO of Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was once a champion for many, philanthropy causes before his death in 2015. It would merrily be speculation to form and idea of what he thought about the little man having to struggle in such a way. We do, however, know that Stephen was a class act when it can to being into the betterment of the world around him. He was a very thoughtful gentleman. It is a sad world without him.

Bruce Levenson and The Sale of Atlanta Hawks

The valuations of NB Teams are rising at a very fast pace. The average NBA team is worth $634 million. The Atlanta Hawks management is working toward finalizing the transfer of the group’s ownership to billionaire manager Antony Ressler, Marquis Jet co- founder, Jesse Itzler and former basketball player, Grant Hill.

Ressler’s group will buy the Atlanta Hawks from Michael Gearon Jr, Bruce Levenson and other renowned investors for a whopping $850 million. Itzler’s wife, Sara Blakely and the partner of Clayton Dubilier & Rice, Rick Schnall and also the co-founder of BTIG, Steven Starker, are all members of Ressler’s group.

Gearon, Levenson and others bought the Hawks, Atlanta thrashers and rights to the Philips Arena in 2004 for $250 million. They sold the Thrashers in 2011 for $170 million.
Ressler’s group was interested in the Los Angeles Clippers one year ago, however, they were not willing to pay Steve Ballmer’s offer of $2 billion. Ressler is a minority owner of Milwaukee Brewers and also deal in the development of real estate. Forbes valued Ressler’s net worth at $1.4 billion.

Levenson announced that he wanted to sell out his share in September 2012. Michael Gearon Jr announced that he would sell out his share in January 2013. The Hawks won 60 games and are on top in the Eastern conference and 17th in terms of attendance per game. According to a valuation by Forbes magazine, Hawks is worth $425 million as of last year. Hawks are expecting to lose money during this season with the new national TV deals expected to help their situation. The new owners will seek investment from Fortune 500 companies.
Bruce Levenson is the partner and co-founder at the United Communications Group (UCG).

Levenson founded UCG in partnership with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. Levenson founded the company on top of his father’s liquor store in 1977. By 1978, UCG had won its first journalism award for excellent editorials and ever since the company has clinched more than 125 similar awards and is one of the most renowned business information organizations in America. UCG became among the first business information firms to introduce online delivery of information in 1980. This happened one year before the internet was commercially available. Bruce Levenson has been with UCG for the last 27 years and is crucial to the business strategies and acquisition efforts of the firm. UCG has more than 46 million customers globally with offices in North America, Asia and Europe and a staff of over 1,000 people.

Bruce Levenson is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC. Before founding UCG, Levenson was a publisher for the Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He was also the director of Mr. Levenson has also been part of the team of directors of Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Levenson has also served as president of Washington’s “I Have a Dream Foundation”. Mr. Levenson has an impressive education background: a degree in law from Washington D.C.’s American University and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Washington University.

Nobilis Health is a Full Service Healthcare, Development and Management Company

Noblis Health has a leadership that includes experience in developing and managing over 100 surgical centers. It is a publicly traded company listed both on the NYSE and TSX exchanges as a full service healthcare, development and management company.

They operate and own many outpatient surgery centers in Dallas and Houston. They are able to treat multiple surgical specialties with the vast network of highly trained and professional surgeons they have on staff and within their physician network. They are known for:
* Pain management
* Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat)
* Spine Surgery
* Podiatry
* Orthopedic Surgery
* Gastrointestinal Scopes
* General Surgery

Specialized Surgical Centers
Nobilis is constantly improving their already superior medical care. Their increased patient satisfaction and lower costs of healthcare have Nobilis recognized as a leader in the industry. They have an extensive network of some of the most advanced and highly skilled surgeons on the globe.
Nobilis has a simple objective- maximize opportunities for their physician partners. They are focused on maximizing organic growth and driving the growth in profits through enhanced marketing and by improving their operating procedures. With this structure, Nobilis surgeons are able to focus where the need is- providing a high quality of patient care.
They utilize innovative direct to patient marketing focusing on a specific set of procedures. The procedures are performed at their centers by local physicians. They operate and own two imaging clinics and one urgent care clinic in Houston; as well as ambulatory surgery centers in Houston, Dallas and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Integrated Marketing Service
Nobilis combines responsible marketing with execution excellence. Their approach to integrated marketing moves the patient through the patient sequence; awareness and education, to research and decision commitment. After a patient agrees to obtain information, patient relationship experts engage with them and guide them through their journey. This core competency is what separates Nobilis from other surgical centers and treatment facilities.

Management and Operations Services
Due to seasoned leadership and an established track record, Nobilis is positioned for significant and profitable growth. They provide credible value propositions for doctors, patients and payers. Their strong performance is credited to the well-defined growth strategy of both organic growth and selective acquisitions.
No matter how much they grow, or how the growth is attained, Nobilis’s focus from both a management and operations standpoint will be on:
* Attracting and retaining quality healthcare professionals
* Enhancing operational efficiency
* Implementing effective marketing initiatives
* Skillfully negotiating insurance contracts with third party payers
Nobilis is pleased to announce they have exceeded their 2014 revenue and are confident that the continued expansion of marketing platforms will give them a strong first quarter in 2015. They are currently in discussions with several unique and interesting opportunities to acquire they feel are going to fit well with their platform.

Maintain Your Digital Presence With Status Labs

Think of the internet as a long beach where every step you take leaves a mark in the sand behind you. Metaphorically speaking, the internet leaves digital footprints that are shaped in the figure of your personal details. Knowing how integrated the internet is within the framework of our day to day lives, we must realize how important it is to monitor the data trail that we leave behind. CEO Darius Fisher, owner of Status Labs, turned this need into an entire business and his work has been gaining more and more relevance by the day. Status Labs was in the news thanks to their work supporting the victims of the Ashley Madison hack and now they are booming because of it. How can Status Labs help you?

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that functions somewhat like a digital PR firm. Rather than letting your image take shape organically, consisting of every bit of data you leave on the internet–some unknowingly, Status Labs helps you mold how you want to be represented. You can go to Google right now and do a simple name search that will reveal what the internet knows about you at a glance. Now imagine your boss or potential clients doing the same thing. Is the thought comforting? Maybe, maybe not. This is where Status Labs steps into play.

Status Labs helps you preemptively engineer the way you are represented on search engines or they can help you in ‘crisis situations’ by battening down the hatches and finding ways to work around potential problematic results. Darius Fisher knows how important data privacy is and that is why he stood behind the victims of Ashley Madison. Now he wants to bring his business to everyone else who could possibly need it: public figures, the unemployed, or just people who want to establish their image early.

Fisher admits that “most people” will eventually know what it feels like to have their personal details leaked or breached on the internet and that is why his company’s work is so important. Though most people tend to think their data is safe, this simply isn’t the truth as just about any statistic will reveal. So practicing preventative maintenance while also looking toward companies like Status Labs can be the right decision to make. Status Labs has offices all over the country, from New York to San Francisco, and they even have global locations as well.

The Multifaceted Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a professional not only in the business field, but also the technology field. He possesses a Doctorate, Masters and Bachelors degree from the Cornel University. He majored in electrical engineering. Shaygan was birthed in London but grew up at Iran. Being raised in Iran must have been very challenging to him. Shaygan on went to high school at Switzerland. He moved from place to place all through his childhood as well as adulthood. He was from a well knowledgeable family with his father being a throat, nose and ear doctor. When it was time for him to join college, he relocated to the United States. That is where he got all his degrees from.

Shaygan’s first employment was at, GTE laboratories, where he on many diverse projects. He was caught up in the management of network routing. Shaygan Kheradpir later became the chief information executive at GTE Company. Mr. Kheradpir became very popular at his work place because he earned a lot of respect from his colleagues due to the delivering of his new projects on time. This praise went outside the workplace to the Wall Street Journal who wrote an article featuring him and appraising his good work.

In the year 2000, GTE joined forces with Bell Atlantic and came up with Verizon Communications. Shaygan Kheradpir was assigned as Verizon’s first CTO/CIO. He was assigned the post of Chief Information Officer (CIO) since he was the executive responsible for the information technology of the company. He was also involved with computer systems that support corporation objectives and goals.

His post as a Chief Technology/Technical Officer (CTO) at Verizon was for him to focus on the technological as well as scientific issues concerning the company. In 2001, Shaygan came up with a management strategy of forming small teams, of about 7,000 staff members, that were solely responsible for new innovative practices and systems for the company. He foresaw 30 days prototypes and he would put into test all the new technologies that were being developed.

Shaygan together with the team had to work for many hours since they were more focused on coming up with high quality and new products that would sour the company to greater levels. In 2003, the team came up with "iobi" that was responsible for the management of the address book, caller ID as well as other features within devices.

Afterwards, Shaygan joined Barclays whereby he oversaw the creation of new technological services such as the mobile payment software. At Barclays he was also promoted to Chief Technology and Operations officer. He was the first individual to ever set foot in the executive team of Barclays as the technology executive. In 2014, Shaygan became the CEO of Juniper Networks; served on the board of the United States National Institute and Technology; and between 2007 and 2010 served in the advisory board of YMCA in New York. He is also a member of very many renowned companies and industries where he applies his knowledge on electrical engineering to the maximum.

Women Continue Their Advance into Higher Levels of Corporate America

Over the past few years, the subject of equality in the workplace has become a hot button topic. In many instances, women that are perfectly qualified and comparable in capabilities have been overlooked in the business arena by men simply because of their gender. While many changes have taken place in the marketplace over the last 15 to 20 years, there are still glaring discrepancies when it comes to men and women receiving the same opportunities.

While there are numerous laws that give men and women the same opportunities, free of discrimination, in many situations, these laws are not fully considered by employers. Statistics place the pay between men and women in a interesting place. According to the statistics, men make 25% more money in the marketplace than females in similar positions. Even with a comparable education and experience background, women are still behind men when it comes to the amount of money they make on average.

More statistics reveal other differences between the roles of men and women in business. According to statistics, only 3% of all new businesses have a woman as the chief operating officer. And only three businesses out of 20 have a woman on its executive decision board.

This discrepancy has not been overlooked by women seeking their rightful place in employment situations. But many women have set on a different tact when it comes to receiving the advancement and recognition they deserve. Women are deciding to bypass the male oriented business structure entirely and seek out the best opportunities on their own merits and experience, even if that means going into business for themselves. There are many success stories of this nature, and more and more women are stepping forward, controlling their own destiny and in so doing becoming examples for other women to emulate and admire.

Susan McGalla, currently the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League is a great example of the success of women in the corporate environment. She began her extensive career as a marketing manager for the Joseph Horn Company, a major clothing retailer. From those beginnings, she took the position of CEO at American Eagle Outfitters, one of the largest clothing chains in the country. After her stint for American Eagle, she took the responsibilities of president for Wet Seal, a California-based beach centric clothing company.

McGalla has an extensive amount of experience that has served her and the companies that she has served well over the years. She has managed to use her extensive marketing expertise as well as her experience in business management to cagtapult the companies she has been involved with to higher levels of productivity and growth. In her position with the Pittsburgh Steelers, she utilizes that marketing expertise once again to direct the growth of one of the largest sports entities in America.

While some may scoff at the idea of women in prime leadership roles, their numerous contributions cannot be ignored. Individuals with practical expertise such as McGalla have shown that their consistent contribution to business is more than just nominal.